Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is typically performed to enlarge small, underdeveloped breasts or breasts that have decreased in size following pregnancy. Breast enhancement using breast implants can give a woman more proportional shape and may improve self-esteem. Breast augmentation is accomplished by surgically inserting an implant behind each breast. The types of breast implants available include silicone implants and saline implants.

Who Can Undergo This Procedure?

Women with small breasts who desire larger breasts can opt for this procedure. Women whose breast size has been reduced after pregnancy can undergo this procedure. When breasts are not symmetrical, this procedure will help in ensuring symmetry.

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What Are Breast Implants? How Are They Used?

Breast implants are prosthetics that are placed inside the chest to augment breast size and projection. There are three main types of breast implants:

  • Silicone Implants: These implants have an outer shell made from silicone. Within it is silicone gel. While earlier there were risks with silicone implants, the new variants are considered very safe.
  • Saline Implants: These implants have a silicone shell that is filled with a saline solution like saltwater. The shape and firmness of the breast can be adjusted through the amount of saline solution used.
  • Gummy Bear Implants: Gummy bear breast implants are a specialized type of silicone implant filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel. It retains its shape even when the shell ruptures, giving it a form-stable quality and helping to avoid leaks.

How Is the Procedure Carried Out?

Usually, breast augmentation is done using general anesthesia. An incision is done under the breast, in the armpit, or around the areola. A pocket is then made in the tissues, either below the chest muscle tissue or above it. The implant is inserted into the pocket and then positioned. Finally, sutures are used to close the incision.

Recovery and Healing

Once the breast enlargement procedure is over, the patient can return home. Rest is advised for a couple of weeks, during which time strenuous activities like heavy exercise and sports should be avoided. Swelling, bruising, and pain are normal but can be treated with medications and ice packs. The patient will need to meet with Dr. Dean for follow-up visits to ensure proper healing.

Breast Augmentation Cost

The price of breast augmentation is determined based on numerous factors, including the overall procedure time. The cost of the implants and the exact techniques used are also taken into account.

Learn More During a Consultation

To learn more about the specific types of implant procedures and which type of breast augmentation in Baton Rouge may be right for you, contact: Associates in Plastic Surgery.

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