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Dr. Dean deals with all aspects of breast reconstruction following cancer treatment, trauma, or due to developmental defects. Breast reconstruction in Baton Rouge can help to ease an incredibly difficult time in a woman’s life and can restore a natural look to the breasts after mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction can either be performed immediately after mastectomy, or lumpectomy, or in a separate surgical session after time has passed. It begins with general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort throughout.

Many reconstruction techniques can be utilized depending on the details of each specific case. These include implant-based reconstruction, flap reconstruction, and nipple/areola reconstruction.

Breast Implant Placement

To restore the volume of the breast, Dr. Dean can place a silicone or saline breast implant in the region. This typically requires tissue expansion beforehand.

Tissue expansion involves placing a prosthetic device called a tissue expander into the region. The device is gradually filled with saline over the course of one to two months using an internal valve. This process expands the tissues in the region safely. Once the breast-tissue pocket is large enough, the expander is removed and replaced with a breast implant.

Flap Technique

In some cases, because of the radiation therapy or mastectomy, there won’t be enough tissue on the chest wall to cover and support a breast implant. In these cases, the flap technique is utilized.

This method allows for transfer of a flap of the patient’s own tissue from a region of the body to the chest region, creating a new breast mound. Muscle, skin, and fat may be transferred in this tissue flap. During surgery, the flap can be either attached to the blood supply or completely detached from it. In some cases, a breast implant is placed along with this method.

Matching Procedures:

It is not unusual for the unaffected breast to need to have a matching procedure performed. This may be a breast lift, breast reduction or even a breast augmentation. This is done in order to create symmetry with the new reconstructed breast mound and is covered by health insurance.

Reconstructing Areola and Nipple

If you can’t undergo nipple-sparing mastectomy, your breast reconstruction will be completed through several techniques that can reconstruct the areola and the nipple. In these techniques, the skin is folded to create the nipple’s shape, followed by tattooing for areola pigmentation.

Onco Plastic Surgery:

In patients undergoing a lumpectomy for cancer, some will benefit from shaping or reducing the breast. These procedures are done at the same surgical setting as the lumpectomy and can include a breast lift or a reduction, depending on the size and shape of the breasts. These procedures are done to preserve or create a cosmetically attractive breast and to help make the required radiation therapy less prone to complications. A matching procedure would be done on the opposite side. These procedures are covered by health insurance.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Once your breast reconstruction procedure has been performed and you have returned home, the recovery and healing process will begin. It is vital to get plenty of rest during this time and to follow Dr. Dean’s post-surgical care directions as closely as possible.

Bruising and swelling will be present for a time, but they will fade. Cold compresses aid in this process. Wearing a supportive post-surgical bra is also very helpful for controlling swelling and supporting the healing tissues.

You must stay home from work until cleared to return. It is best to avoid physically strenuous activities for several weeks, including heavy exercise and sports. Full results will be apparent once all swelling has ameliorated.

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