Breast Reduction

People tend to think of breast size as mainly an aesthetic issue. But for a lot of women, large breasts are the source of chronic pain and frustration in their daily lives.

A larger breast size means a greater amount of weight that needs to be supported. When the breasts are too large for the woman’s natural build, it can lead to a slew of issues and inconveniences that can only be addressed by reducing the size of the breasts.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Dean has performed numerous breast reductions over his career. His natural-looking results satisfy patients’ aesthetic needs and provide them with the relief they need from the issues caused by the size and weight of their breasts.

Good Candidates for Breast Reduction

Many of the patients who are interested in undergoing breast reduction surgery are seeking relief from physical symptoms caused by the excessive weight their large breasts place on their body.

Chronic muscle and joint pain are commonly associated with large breasts. The areas most heavily affected by these issues are the:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Chest

Breast reduction can solve these problems and provide those suffering from chronic pain with much needed relief.

Other common issues caused by large breasts may not be as physically painful but can still be incredibly frustrating. These issues include:

  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit
  • Difficulty bending over
  • Pain or discomfort while running
  • Rashes underneath the breasts

Breast reduction surgery is also an excellent option for women who simply prefer having smaller breasts for aesthetic reasons. Breast reduction provides a way to make the breasts smaller in size and improves the overall shape and appearance of the breasts.

The Technical Aspects of Breast Reduction

Individual factors and personal preferences will determine the specific technique selected to reduce the size of your breasts. Most methods involve the removal of breast tissue, fat and skin, and will significantly lift the breast as well as reduce breast size.

The procedure involves making precise incisions on the breasts, and extreme care is taken to ensure that any post-surgical marks are as small and undetectable as possible.

Breast reductions are covered by most insurance plans. However, some insurance plans require prior medical criteria be met before approving this procedure. After your consultation with Dr. Dean, we can submit an inquiry to your insurance so you can find out whether you’re eligible for coverage.

Ready for Your Breast Reduction?

If you don’t want to suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain caused by the size of your breasts, or if you simply want smaller breasts that better complement the natural proportions and shape of your figure, contact Associates in Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dean.

Dr. Dean can take the time to go over the procedure and your reasons for wanting surgery and will use that information to determine which technique is best for you.

To view a video about breast reduction, click here.

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